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Everywhere in the world there are people interested in the companies products and video is the best way to tell their story

Expert data are incredible. The web marketing video has enormous potential, the data tell that 65% of the executive managers go to see the potential seller’s site after seeing the video, the number of people watching a commercial email grows by 300% when it is accompanied by a video.

Even the chances that your company and product end up on the first page of Google increases 53 times if there is a video to introduce and there is an 85% chance that a customer makes purchases after watching a video launching the product .

The data say something very simple Today a company can reach people who are interested in its products, can turn an idea into a mass communication campaign, can include in its history people around the world and allow them to interact and know their tastes. And the most powerful tool to create this network in support of marketing projects is undoubtedly video on the web.

Capitalvideo has a ten-year experience in the production of commercial and television commercials and today puts the experience of television and creativity professionals at the disposal of companies wishing to develop targeted communication and marketing projects.